BH Spectacular


Location: Holly, MI
Date Foaled: 2012
Height: 16h
Color / Markings: Bay Tobiano
Breed: Drum
F Status: F2 Drum
Sire: Chew Mill Guinness
Dam: NLR Destined to Reign
Other Registries: none

Stud Fee: $1,500 live cover/ $1,000 shipped
Services Offered:

  • Chilled Semen

  • Live Cover


BH Spectacular holds 22 titles and counting. A repeat IDHA Virtual show overall high point winner. To be featured in a movie called Cupid's Christmas. Bradfield Farms is extremely proud and impressed by Toby. UNICORN TEMPERAMENT This stallion has paraded with mares as a perfect gentleman. He is lead and ridden by 5 and 9 year old children. His gentle and sweet disposition always passes to his foals. He never spooks and has been sought out to be bred for mounted police horses in the state of Michigan. He is everyone's dream! BH Spectacular is training to do great things! He has many foals to look at so feel free to contact us. He will have foals available and is standing at our farm.