Register Your Horse

**Online Registration is under construction and will be back soon. Please send forms to 6747 Kuykendall Road, Bellville, TX 77418**

Any Registry questions can be directed to [email protected]

You may scan or send readable photos of the registration files. 


You may choose to register your horse though our online application or by printing out the form and mailing it in.

Those who complete the online registration form will still be required to mail a physical copy of the DNA verification form to the IDHA office.


Printable DNA Only Form

PRINTABLE GELDING CERTIFICATION FORM - required for proof of gelding. The form must be signed by a veterinarian and shall be sent in to the IDHA office along with the horse's original hard copy paperwork to be updated. 

PRINTABLE BREEDERS CERTIFICATE - must be filled out by the mare owner and submitted along with the Registration Application. The Breeder's Certificate can be completed and uploaded in the online registration form or it may be mailed with your hard copy application.

PRINTABLE IDHA STALLION REPORT - must be submitted by the stallion owner by December 31st of each year, listing all mares exposed to the stallion, whether they are certified in foal or not, and listing all dates of exposure. The Stallion Report may be emailed or mailed to the addresses found at the bottom of the form.

PRINTABLE OWNERSHIP TRANSFER APPLICATION - please complete a transfer application form and submit along with original Registration or Foundation Certificate to the above address. Transfer fee is $20 for current members and $65 for non-members. The non-member fee includes a one year individual IDHA membership.

HEIGHT CERTIFICATION APPLICATION - this horse can be a Drum Horse or a Foundation Drum Horse that by his/her 7th birthday is 16hh or greater and is height certified by a veterinarian or an IDHA representative.

LEASE AGREEMENT FORM - this form is required for any horse being used for a breeding and/ or show lease. There is no fee, but forms must be submitted to the current IDHA Registrar to be considered valid.

To make an online payment, please visit the Fees and Payments page.

If you wish to pay via cheque, please make them payable to the International Drum Horse Association.

International Payments must be made on an International Cheque if Paypal is not available.

Certificate turnaround time is 6-8 weeks after all paperwork has been received: completed registration form, completed DNA form and sample, acceptable photos of horse being registered, and breeders certificate. Overseas Certificates may take an additional amount of time to be received.
*We do not offer a rush service at this time*
A Foundation Certification is for those horses that are approved and certified for the breeding of Drum Horses. These horses are approved full blood Clydesdales, Shires, and Gypsy Horses or approved combinations of these breeds that do not fit the criteria for registry as a Drum Horse.
As of January 1st, 2017: All IDHA Drum Horses, which are born on or after 1/1/2017, must be registered before their first birthday for standard registration price. After their first birthday, registration price will increase. This will insure timely registration of foals, proper transfer of ownership and proper naming.

Please remit cheques and any additional required documentation to:

6747 Kuykendall Road
Bellville, TX 77418 USA