Online Registration Application

Registration Application

Please make every attempt to fill in applicable information. If the information is not available or unknown, please indicate by using “NA” or “Unknown” in the field. ****NOTE**** A Drum Horse is any combination of the 3 accepted breeds. A Foundation Drum has more than 50% Gypsy or less than 6.25% Gypsy. Foundation Horses are full Shire, Clydesdale, Gypsy or a cross of a registered Clydesdale and registered Shire.

Must not be longer than 30 characters including prefix and spaces.
Please list any other registries this horse is registered with and it's registration number(s) with each.
Please upload a PDF copy of the Gelding certificate.
If you selected Other for the Coat Pattern Modifier, please enter your value here.
Upload a PDF copy of the DNA Color Genetics report, if applicable
If your horse already has DNA on file with the University of Kentucky, please enter the DNA Accession Number here.
If applicable

Breeder Information

Owner of the dam at the time of breeding.

Current Owner

If different from breeder. If you are registering a horse then transferring to a new owner, you MUST fill out a Transfer Form. The fee is $20 for members or $65 for non-members. The non-member fee includes a one year, individual membership.

Upload a copy of your breeder's certificate here.