Breeder Prefixes


Prefix Farm Name Member
 1TONs  1TON Ranch  Kelly McFadden
 Antebellum Drums  Antebellum Drums  Morgan Townsend
 B.D.  Briggs of Darbreich  Caron Littler-Gordon
 BH  Blackland Haven  Vanessa Linda Roske
 Black Opal Farm  Black Opal Farm  Michon Huston
 Bodes Well  Bodes Well Farm  Nancy Patterson
 Briggs of Darbreich  Briggs of Darbreich  Caron Littler-Gordon
 BSR  Big Shoe Ranch  Julia Hodziewich
 CCC  Cougar Creek Corral  Monica Henken
 CEDAR CREEK  Cedar Creek Shires & Minis  Renata Malo Juvera
 Chatto Creek  Chatto Creek Gypsy Cobs  Charlotte Hviid
 Chestnut Oak’s  Chestnut Oak Farm  Wendy Rager
 D&D  D&D Clydes And Draft  David Matschke
 Darkmoor  Darkmoor  Caius Thomas
 Demore Park  Demore Park  Esmay Rheinberger
 DTD  DTD Equestrian  Staci Saulter
 EBG  Each Breac Gleann  Diane J. Chaney
 EFF  Egret Flats Farm  Jolly Hibbits
 FH  Fairytale Horse  Petrova Elena
 FFI  Flasophler Farms Inc  Jane Flaspohler
 FVA  Farview Acres Clydesdales  Tom & Jennifer Luttrull
 Gypsy Oaks  Gypsy Oaks  Tonya Hendrickson
 HAD  Domain HavAdream  Veronique Matte-Paquet
 Hallmark  Hallmark Farm  Nicola Dalmeida Gauld
 HCC  Happy Camp Cobs  Diane Harris
 HDDH  Heritage Downs  Richard and Mary Shaw
 Holley East's  Holley East Stables  Christina Holley
 Holley West  Holley West Stables  Cherith Holley
 HHC  Hollow Hill Farm  Brianna Fry
 HNF  Hoof N Feather  Jennifer Ames
 Horse Feathers  Horse Feathers Farm  Rebecca McKeever
 JG Gypsy's  JG Gypsy's  Rebecca Guerini
 Kalypso Bay’s  Kalypso Bay Farm  Kate Shadow
 Kunoa  Kunoa Ranch  Malia Cockrell
 LA   Luxe Acres   Carah Humphrey
 Mariah PK  Mariah Park Heavy Horses  Tracey Hobbs
 MCF  Mattison Corners Farm  Barb Elliott
 MFF  Mystic Feather Farms  Tammy & Terry Tice
 NG  Northern Gold Drum Horses  Judy Andrekson
 Olde World  Olde World Drum Farms  Sandy Wright
 OMF  Old Mill Farm  Rhonda Zeigler
 Pegasus Lodge  Pegasus Lodge Stud  Sarah Gray
 PINK  Pink Feather Farms  Jeannie Bradshaw
 Pure Meadows  Pure Meadows Farm  Karyn Lidgard
 RBL  Rebel Soul Farm  Julky Lenoci
 Regalus  Regalus Drum Horses  Janelle Harden
 SD  SD Farm  Wylleen May
 SF2  SF2 Bliz Patch Farms  Sherri Ruth
 Sharaway  Shareway Stud  Sharon Turner
 Sherwood Shires  Sherwood Shires  Steffen Brandt
 SHF  Story Hill Farms  Michelle Bridges
 S.K.’s  Murrayshall Farm  Zoe Urquhart
 SR  Settler's Run  Stacie D. Richard
 Taromeo  Taromeo  Berril Murray
 THE  Thunder Hill Equine  Darcy Hawes
 Thorn Hill  Thorn Hill Farm  Kathy Ramey
 THR  Thunder Horse Ranch, LLC  Michelle Turner
 THS  Thundering Hooves Stud  Cherie Furner
 Thundering Hooves  Thundering Hooves  Karen Cicinelli
 Tir Na Nog  Tir Na Nog Gypsies and Drums  Christine White
 Unique Giants  Unique Giants  Nadia Kalmar
 Wando Farm  Wando Farm  Jaymi Connelly
 WAR  Woody Acres Ranch  Melanie Woody
 WH  Willow Hill Farm, LLC.  Natalie S. Hyatt
 WRH  Wild Rose Hollow  Aspen Bryan

The prefixes listed above are registered with the IDHA. To apply for a prefix, please use our Membership Application form that can be found here.


a) The International Drum Horse Association will record and recognize exclusive use of a prefix for registration purposes.b) The prefix will be included in the 25-letter limit that can be used in the name on the registration.c) A prefix can only be owned by one person or farm and cannot be transferred.

d) A prefix must be unique and must not be too similar to one already in use. The International Drum Horse Association reserves the right to deny registration or use of any prefix. No prefix considered offensive in anyway will be approved.

e) Registration of a prefix by The International Drum Horse Association protects it from being used by others when registering Drum Horses. It does not protect the name beyond the International Drum Horse Association use.

f) If a person (or farm) purchases a prefix it then MUST be used as the prefix of the name when registering all foals bred by that person (or farm).

g) The registration of a prefix does not supersede the US laws concerning trademarks or certification marks.