Spencefarms Apache


The stallions on this page are true IDHA Drum Horse stallions registered with the IDHA. They represent the culmination of the careful combination of Gypsy Horse, Clydesdale and Shire bloodlines, creating the ultimate heavy riding horse. These stallions can be used to breed American Drum Horses when bred to the appropriate mares.

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Spencefarms Apache

2013 Drum Horse Stallion
Registered: IDHA, CPtHA
Sire: Spence Farms Grandpa Romney (Gypsy)
Dam: Fox Valley Queen Magnus (Shire)
Expected Mature Height: 16HH
Stud fee: $800 / Booking fee $250 (AI only)

Archie (as we call him) is a quality young F1 stallion with an excellent pedigree.

His Gypsy side goes back to SD Jack and Bob the Blagdon, and his Shire side goes back to Fox Valley Equus Magnus and Edingale Mascot. He currently stands 15.3HH, and should be over 16HH at maturity. He has top quality feather, heavy bone and the most amazing feet I have ever seen on a horse. Archie’s hoof wall is over ½” thick, does not chip and is so hard that the farrier has quite a workout trimming him. He should put a superior hoof on all his foals. We are offering live cover as well as possibly cool shipped semen. Archie’s colour genetics are EE Aa TO/to so he will produce Black and Bay foals with a 50% chance of Tobiano.

Darcy Hawes
Thunder Hill Equine
Olds, Alberta Canada