IDHA Show Sponsorship Informaton


“The International Drum Horse Association is excited about the numerous new show opportunities that are beginning to open up to this wonderful breed. We love to support our members in the exposure of the very versatile Drum horse to the public, through the various equine sports our members enjoy. The IDHA’s sponsorship of a show is largely based on a first come first served basis and on the number of Drum participants at a particular show. Our only requirement in sponsoring a show is that the Drum classes are open to Drum horses of Clydesdale, Shire and Gypsy breeding only.” – Janelle Harden

Please submit any IDHA show sponsorship requests to:



2017 IDHA Sponsored Shows

West Michigan Classic
*Offering Drum Classes
2017 Show Sponsor

Oklahoma State Farm
2017 Show Sponsor

Georgia Draft Horse Association
2017 GDHA Perry Show

Dressage at Devon
2017 Breed Sponsor

Colorado Gypsy Fest

2017 GDHA Perry Show