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The events listed above are those with Drum Horse Classes.

*Remember – You can show your Drum in any: Open Show, Dressage Show, Trail Competition, etc. The sky is the limit!

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Hello IDHA members! We are actively searching for show opportunities for Drums in each state and region and we are encouraged by the response that we are getting. As more owners are willing to travel, even to a neighboring state, our numbers are increasing for shows and that is beginning to open up more opportunities for us. This year the IDHA has had the opportunity to sponsor a Drum horse breed class at Dressage at Devon in September, which many of you know is the world’s largest open breed show. There are several IDHA members who have committed to attending with their Drums and we are excited about the exposure this is going to bring to the Drum horse breed. The IDHA will also be sponsoring Drum classes at shows in other regions throughout the United States as well as in Australia in 2016. The IDHA is committed to continuing to move the Drum horse breed forward and we are very excited about the opportunities that are beginning to open up to our horses and our members!

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