Welcome to the exciting world of the Drum Horse! This horse has come thundering out of the history books and into reality across the world. First used by the Queen of England in her ceremonial Band of the Life Guards. The Drum Horse carries the heavy kettle drums during parades and other pageantry.

Today, the Drum Horse is proving to be the ultimate heavy riding horse. A talented athlete, the Drum Horse can excel in many disciplines. Browse through this site and see what all the excitement is about…

The International Drum Horse Association is the sole registry dedicated to promoting and preserving the Drum Horse World wide. The IDHA is working to bring this horse from type to breed.

One Breed, One Standard, One Registry

International Drum Horse Association
6700 Kuykendall Rd.
Bellville, TX 77418
832 558-1630

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Taylor Nicole Westbrook
Terms: 2016-2018, 2019-2021
Membership Chair
Email: IDHAWebMaster@yahoo.com

Hi everyone! I am Taylor Westbrook and I was elected to the IDHA board of directors in 2016. Prior to that, I had been helping with the website some in the background, trying to lessen the load that the current BOD was experiencing. Of course, once I was elected, I continued to maintain the website. I personally own one Drum mare and we do some showing. Along with the IDHA, I also work with a rescue organization and our farm shows and breeds Gypsies.

Our board positions often evolve, and I tend to move around to where I am needed, as far as positions go, and I have been involved with various projects. I’ve headed promotions and worked on some of our T-Shirt and Polo campaigns, maintained the CafePress store, created the breed calculator, helped to format the show rules, offered graphic design, updated our Facebook pages, filled in as our secretary, maintained the office phone, helped with Equine Affaire, etc.

My official position is Membership Chair and I maintain our Membership Database. When I was given the database in 2016, it became apparent that the previous Membership Chair had not maintained it, as we only had 31 current members. While I have been handling membership, current membership numbers have nearly quadrupled to a total of 118 current members. We are steadily growing in numbers, by both membership renewal and new membership. We are truly an International Organizations, with our Membership including breeders in: Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Russia and of course the USA.

One thing that I am very passionate about is our future! I am excited to help in creating a Youth program for our association. That is a project that we are currently working on and will be presented in the future.
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1 month ago

International Drum Horse Association

Whew! Equine Affaire 2019 is in the books and I am so proud of how the IDHA was represented. Looking at other breed booths I can honestly say we had one of the best “faces” for a breed registry and I am so thankful for a current board of hard working ladies who understand the importance of that, and care enough about the future of this association to make education and representation a priority. Thank you, Rebecca McKeever, Taylor Westbrook, Jeannie Bradshaw, Kat Wiegand, and Isobel Lippiatt for all your hard work and passion for the future of this breed and this association. It is truly an honor to work with you ladies!

To say this expo was a success would be an understatement. We had five beautiful Drum horses represent us in the breed booth stall and in the breed demos and they were simply awesome! The work these ladies put in to preparing their horses for the demos and to be visited by all the crowds deserves so much commendation! They represented our breed well and I cannot thank each of them enough for the time, dedication, and financial sacrifice they made to help in educating the public about our breed. I know I speak for all of the board and our members when I say a huge THANK YOU to Sheri Ruth, Jane Williamson, Kelly McFadden and Barb Elliott for bringing your horses to represent us all.

Lionel has a presence that is undeniable, and people are just drawn to him. Seeing he and Kelly canter around the arena was truly a “wow” moment and many couldn’t wait to meet him afterwards. Jane and Tilly were a huge draw when we told people they would be drumming during our demos. That was something most did not want to miss, and I saw many of those faces in the crowd during the demos. They were not disappointed! Thank you for all your hard work in preparing for that Jane! To be so young, Rimby showed the gentle nature of our horses and how level headed they are. She handled everything thrown at her with ease. She was great! Skylar and Amy were a flashy pair in the arena and being an F3 with her size and disposition, Skylar too was able to show what a wonderful all-around breed this is whether someone is looking to show, or just enjoy a wonderful pleasure mount. Barb and Copper are favorites wherever they go! It was true in Massachusetts and it was true again in OH. They are a super sharp pair driving and Copper draws a crowd just walking through the midway. She loves the attention and Barb is always gracious to stop and let everyone meet her. They are just awesome ambassadors for our breed!

The IDHA had a prime spot 20 feet from the clinic arena so the foot traffic was right in front of our booth. People could not help but stop and admire our beautiful Drums in the breed stall. They were also impressed with how well each of them handled the clapping, cheering, the different announcers and clinicians on the loud speakers, the other breed demos and their music, etc. To have young horses and a stallion able to calmly handle all of that without blinking an eye is truly a testament to the nature of these horses and it showed to the public as well.

The response we had was overwhelmingly positive and I am so thankful for members who are willing to bring their horses out for events like this. People can’t help but love these horses when they meet them!
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The IDHA is currently set up at the Ohio Equine Affaire and Fantasia. Make sure to stop by and tell Janelle Harden hello! You will see multiple Drum Horses at this years event! We will share videos from the breed demos, once they are posted. Thank you to our IDHA Members that have made the trip to Ohio to share their wonderful Drums with the public! ... See MoreSee Less

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I am very pleased to announce the 2018 International Drum Horse Association end of year award winners!

We had significantly more entries this year than we have had in past years and it continues to grow. Thank you to all who sent in entries and Congratulations to our winners and the beautiful job you have done with your Drum horses!

High Point Show- Jane Williamson and FVA's Grand Design

High Point Dressage- Vicki Hall and Timpani

High Point Cicero- Denise Reed Gagnon and Stylish Quest

High Point Janus- FWF Ain't Nobody's Cupcake owned by Taylor Nicole Westbrook

High Point Performance- Just Call Me Taddy owned by Kimberly Butler

High Point Exhibition- Bootleg Skylar owned by Sheri Ruth

High Point Youth- Wyatt Bradshaw (Jeannie Bradshaw) and Mariah's Boon (owned by Laura Moon)

- Janelle Harden
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We would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! ... See MoreSee Less

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Sorry for the delay in papers. My hard drive crashed, but I am back up and running! I only lost things I was working on that day as my automatic backup didn't have a chance to keep up with me. All papers should be going out on Monday. Thanks all! ... See MoreSee Less

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